About us

The Tapia-Ruiz lab focuses on the Physics and Chemistry of Materials for Energy Storage, primarily in the area of electrochemical energy storage devices such as rechargeable batteries and supercapacitors. We conduct our research in the Department of Chemistry at Lancaster University. We are also affiliated to the Energy Lancaster Research Centre and the Materials Science Institute.


Our research goal is to provide a rational design of electrochemical energy storage materials (electrodes and electrolytes) to improve battery performance. We are interested in a range of battery chemistries, from Li-ion battery to post-lithium battery technologies. We employ a comprehensive range of lab and synchrotron-based techniques to probe materials at different length scales that allow us to gain insight into the structure-property relationships that govern the electrochemical activity in these materials.

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latest group news & social Media

FUSE Intern


We welcome Hengyi Zhang to the Group. Hengyi is joining us from Oxford University as a FUSE Intern for 8 weeks over Summer. She will be working on the project 'From ground waste to batteries: using Prussian Blue from remediated ground waste as cathode material for sodium-ion batteries'.

New PhD


We welcome Adam Rowling to the Group. Adam started his PhD in October 2021, on a novel family of microporous carbon called OSPC, which has shown promise as an alternative electrode material to graphite.

Helmholtz-Zentrum, Berlin


During March and April, several group members travelled to Germany to work at the Helmholtz-Zentrum in Berlin. Sarah, Beth and Bego carried out hard XAS experiments on the KMC2 beamline and soft XAS experiments on the RGBL Dipole beamline.

FUSE Internship


We will be running a Faraday Institution FUSE Internship over 8 weeks during Summer 2022. We look forward to welcoming the successful applicant.