About us

The Tapia-Ruiz lab focuses on the Physics and Chemistry of Materials for Energy Storage, primarily in the area of electrochemical energy storage devices such as rechargeable batteries and supercapacitors. We conduct our research in the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London


Our research goal is to provide a rational design of electrochemical energy storage materials (electrodes and electrolytes) to improve battery performance. We are interested in a range of battery chemistries, from Li-ion battery to post-lithium battery technologies. We employ a comprehensive range of lab and synchrotron-based techniques to probe materials at different length scales that allow us to gain insight into the structure-property relationships that govern the electrochemical activity in these materials.    

latest group news & social Media

FUSE Summer Intern 2023


Yunchu Sun is our FUSE intern joining the group for the Summer. 

Yunchu will be studying the dissolution properties of the solid electrolyte interphase in sodium-ion batteries using scanning electrochemical microscopy. Welcome!

FUSE Internships


We are running two Faraday Institution FUSE Internships with our group based at Imperial College London.


These internships will run for 8 weeks over Summer 2023.

We look forward to welcoming the successful applicants to the group.

Job Vacancy


We are currently advertising for a Research Associate in Hard Carbon Composite Anodes for Na-Ion Batteries, this position is based at Imperial College London, White City Campus.

The closing date for applications has now closed.

New PhD 


Welcome Hannah. Hannah Lynn is joining the group here at Imperial from Lancaster University to study Ni and Mn disordered rocksalt cathode materials for Li-ion batteries.